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    01. What do you like about your home?

    02. What don't you like?

    03. What's missing / What do you want to add or incorporate into the new build?

    04. If you are not extending do you want to change the layout or structurally remodel any part of your home?

    05. Do you want to renovate any certain areas in your home? Or implement any upgrade works / refurbishment to your home? e.g. attic / wall insulation, painting externally or internally, bathroom renovation, boiler upgrade, landscaping etc.

    06. What is your lifestyle? Do you work at home? Do you entertain guests often?

    07. How much time do you spend in the living areas, bedroom, kitchen, utility space etc.?

    08. What is the number of occupants in your home? Adults / Children.

    09. What do you think the extension/ renovation/ new home should look like? Traditional / Contemporary / Abstract. What are your design and style preferences? Traditional / Contemporary / Abstract / Eco friendly etc.

    10. Would you envisage any issues with neighbours / site access or objections to planning - if required?

    11. How soon would you like to be settled into your new home or extension? Are there any rigid time restraints or deadlines for completion of design / building works? Is moving out and getting temporary accommodation an option?

    12. If you are thinking of building a home, do you have a site selected?

    13. Who will be the primary contact with the Architectural Designer, contractor, and others involved in designing & building your project?

    14. What qualities are you looking for in your deisgn and build team?

    15. Is there anyone in the family with a disability? Do you want to future proof the design - a ground floor bedroom / en-suite for example?

    16. How much can you realistically afford to spend? (Note. Exclude from your budget the figure for: professional fees, kitchen, wardrobes & floor finishes. All of which are to be client provided).

    I consent Plantech Design Ltd and their nominated providers to collect my mobile number and e-mail to contact me regarding my query.