Price Plans

Professional Design Services Price List

Design Packs for House Renovation and Building Works Exempt from Planning
  • 1. Plan: INSPIRE PACK

  • €2,400 Home survey, Architectural concepts
    and building cost estimate

  • Home / Office visit

  • Compile client brief

  • Site measurement survey

  • Concept sketches (3x Options)

  • Technical Drawings (3x Options)

  • 3D views

  • IPAD Pro Realtime image

  • Kitchen layout plans (3x Options)

  • Schedule of building works list

  • Building cost estimate

  • 2. Design: MOTION PACK

  • €3,500 Architectural and Engineering Construction design drawings and
    detailed building cost breakdown

  • All services to be completed as per INSPIRE Pack

  • 3D Realtime walk-through ( internal and external )

  • Construction Drawings based on chosen design

  • Electrical layout

  • Mechanical / Plumbing layout

  • Kitchen design and 3D views

  • Revisions (1)

  • Itemised building cost breakdown

  • EPBD & Part L 2019 NZEB for major renovations / BER spec.**


  • €4,900 Project supervision, inspections and certification

  • Builder Client Contract Assistance

  • Preparation of programme of works schedule

  • Live administration for the duration of building works

  • Approve valuations / arrange bank certificates for drawdowns

  • Plantech Site Visits (5)

  • Engineers visits (3)

  • Preparation of snag & photographic survey

  • Issue appropriate certification on completion of works

  • PSDP (HSA Legal requirement)*

  • EPBD & Part L 2019 NZEB / BER inspections & certification**

Optional / additional services:

EPBD & Part L 2019 NZEB for major renovations / BER spec. €1,200

EBPD & Part L 2019 NZEB / inspections & certification. €1,600

PSDP €1,200

Terms & Conditions apply.
The Inspire pack Stage 1 must be completed in order to proceed to Motion Pack Stage 2.
The On Site Support Pack Stage 3 quote only applies on appointment of Nuhaus Ltd for the building works.
If you engange with Plantech for preparation of your plans Stage 1 or 2 and subsequently appoint an alternative building contractor to commence the works – you must then use that contractors Engineer or an independent firm / person to inspect and certify your project. Plantech will not be working on site with any alternative builders other than Nuhaus Ltd at On Site Support Pack Stage 3.
* PSDP (Project Supervisor Design Stage) is a legal HSA requirement. A Project Supervisor is to be appointed by the client, however this is at the homeowner / client discretion. Please note Nuhaus Ltd. will not be proceeding on site with any building works without appointment of a Project Supervisor. An additional On Site Support Pack Stage 3 fee of €1,200 applies for the PSDP role.
**New Government legislation for any major home renovations requires that all building works be in compliance with EPBD Part L 2019 new Building Regulations outlining minimum energy rating to be achieved on completion of works. This includes insulation, airtightness, heating systems, renewable systems, glazing specifications and building materials. If your project is classed as a 'Major Renovation', an additional fee of €1,200 applies to the Motion Pack Stage 2, and additional fee of €1,600 applies to the On Site Support Pack Stage 3.
All prices exclude VAT @ 23%. Prices are subject to variation depending on the scale and particulars of the project.